Monday, April 30, 2007

In Which I Wax Nostalgic About An Old Computer

I started this journal mainly because I couldn't remember the address or name of my old one. I finally remembered today in a lightning-like epiphany on the way to the electronics store to buy an external power supply with which to provide more juice to O's badass video card. Which is in fact, so badass that his computer can't power it. I named the old blog after my old, crappy computer; The one with the keyboard that I tried to clean with undiluted acetone back in my foolish college days wherein I wrote the majority of the old blog. (Newsflash: Acetone is an awesome solvent...Of plastic.) I also took apart that same computer today in order to extract the Fastest Video Card You Can Buy For A PCI 1 Slot For People Whose Cheapass Computers Didn't Come With AGP Slots Even Though They're an Old Technology (TM), so that we could stuff it into O's computer. Needless to say, my lovely old video card worked with flying colours while his badass video card started to make a screeching sound suitable to wake the damned.
It was cracking open the old bestickered chasis that reminded me of its namesake: the old blog.

Most of the old blog was inebriated rambling. Much like the above paragraph. The rest of it was an angry self righteous diatribe against what seemed to me to be a crumbling world. It was epic.
Hwt Shst Kiya
Highlights include:
-A selection of spiteful reviews of top forty music videos written while I probably should have been studying.
-A drunken explanation of Two-Way Genetic Screening
-"Daily Spankings by Phong Illumination"

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