Thursday, May 3, 2007

Forty Games that Didn't Suck

Well, there seems to be a bit of a fad to make a list of your favourite games. Albinogrimby has done it. Ohmi has done it. It's my turn now. I'll list the bottom thirty and then give more details on the top ten tomorrow. Likely there will be things on my list that aren't on Ohmi's or Albino's. That's because I'm cooler than they are.
And also a point/click adventure geek.

40 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
39 Zork Grand Inquisitor
38 Resident Evil
37 Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
36 Myst
35 Kingdom Hearts
34 Katamari Damacy
33 Summoner 2
32 Pokemon Gold/Silver
31 King's Quest 6
30 3d Lemmings*
29 Eternal Daughter *
28 Alone in the Dark
27 Myst Exile
26 Super Mario World
25 Guitar Hero
24 Cosmology of Kyoto *
23 Return to Zork
22 Timelapse
21 The Sims 2 Open for Business
20 Final Fantasy XII
19 Lemmings
18 Clandestiny*
17 Donkey Kong Country
16 Oblivion
15 Final Fantasy Tactics
14 Yoshi's Island
13 Riven
12 Psychonauts
11 Final Fantasy VII
Ooooh. Bet you can't wait to find out what the last 10 are!
I'll admit, I displaced final fantasy VII off the top ten because everyone and their dog knows about it. I offed it in favour of something less popular but just as good.
Also, the games that are starred can be found at home of the underdogs for download, except Clandestiny, which just has a blurb.

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Kiyoshi said...

Wow I've actually played some of those games! ;)