Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Sad Story

-I have a cold. I feel like crap on a crap cracker, and I am going to go to bed soon.
-PBS is again fundraising. It was a Andrea Boccelli marathon tonight. I called in and donated $60 bucks, and when the guy asked me if I wanted the Andrea Boccelli free gift, I was like, "Nope, sorry. I'm actually just donating because I want you guys to go back to your normal programming."
-A Sad Story I remember how evil teenage girls can be to each other. That a grown woman played a catty, cruel childish game that drove a mentally ill young girl to suicide is a more close to home example of pure evil than any tale of foreign genocide.
The Aztecs could not have thought up a Hell vile enough for these people. (Of all the people who have inhabited this earth, I think they were probably the best at coming up with horrific nastiness.)
Reading this article, I thought "I hope these people rot in Hell". I wished that there were for certain a God so he'd rain down wrath on these people. I think that's the lure of religion for a lot of people. I think that people have a hard time coping with the fact that there may be no tangible punishment for those who cause them pain. I think some people restrain themselves from revenge on the basis that spankings will issue forth from daddy in the sky. Why would you hold back if there wasn't? Knowing that there is no divine retribution for evil and still being able to turn the other cheek is one of the most pure and selfless acts that there is. When you've reached the point when you are able to do this, you are being moral for the sake of morality and not out of any sense of ultimate benefit for yourself.
If there is no God, and no physical Hell, could it be that "Hell" will describe the "life" of the memories of those such as Lori Drew? That this woman will forever be remembered as a wretched bitch whose own petty cruelty drove a little girl to kill herself? That every time anyone ever thinks her name, it will be inextricably coupled with the words "petty" and "cowardly?"
-This was a pretty heavy post. I'll post on something fun and frivolous next time.

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