Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kimekomi Lessons

I've decided to do some Kimekomi lessons on youtube for people who want to learn but don't have access to 1:1 lessons! At least I hope certain people will understand it that way...
I've uploaded the first three, in case you want to know.
Video 1 --What is Kimekomi

Video 2 --Neat fabric

Video 3: Tools

Finally, here are some links to sites where you can get kits and supplies.
Mataro Dolls...doesn't offer much in english, but does offer the basic tutorial dolls. The doll from tutorial one, Hikaru Genji is here. They also have some lovely dolls that you can buy already made, but Mataro tends to be pretty pricey.

If you're looking for cheaper dolls without the certification course, you should look at Juho-Tougei. The webmaster on this site is really nice and their customer service is great. Their dolls are a lot less expensive than Mataro, and the fabric tends to be a lot more modern in pattern. (You'll see the irridescent fabrics here)

Finally, the dolls at Absolute Japan range in price and quality...they're from all sorts of different companies, but I find the webmistress to be pretty nice. I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the fabric on the doll I bought here. She also offers dolls from the Kyugetsu certification course, and teaches lessons on them, though I have not taken lessons from her.

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daisy said...

Cool stuff! I found your blog entry thru googling. Very nice job. Also went to YouTube to check out your other doll making videos, like them too.
I know a bit about how much work goes into putting these videos together, and thank you for sharing them:-)