Saturday, September 6, 2008

Godwin Poll.

Answer my poll, newbs. Then there will be a discussion about the answer.
And just so you know, I consider myself a moderate democrat who thinks that the sky would probably not fall if McCain got elected. Thus, there is no "Godwin" answer in the multiple choice selection. Because I'm too sleepy to figure out how to make the poll widget not place the title squarely on top of the options, I'm going to put it here.
Here's the question:
If the recession got worse and America's image got significantly worse with the world, and such a man happened to be running for President, would Americans vote a man just like Adolph Hitler into the presidency? (And No, I'm not talking about McCain or Obama)


Owen said...

You should shorten the poll answers; they are doing some weird scrolling stuff in my window. :-)

Note that you said "exactly like."

Linh said...

Bush was re-elected by surprisingly large margins...people scare me.