Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Difficult Truth #1

You are the only person on the planet who has a biological obligation to love your child.
Corollary: You are probably the only person in the world who loves your dog.
What does this mean?
This means that most of the time, when you are regaling a person with tales of how little Haylee brought you a crayoned card for mother's day, or how Jayden could very well be the next Mozart and how you are going to shove your way up on the stage at the next community theater event so that everyone can hear him screech out "Miss-iss-ipp-i Hot-dog" on his viola, they are at best smiling and nodding, and at worst considering moving away.
Likewise, when you take your baby to an R - rated movie or on an international flight where it howls for eight hours straight, everyone else stuck in the 747-echo chamber is at best thinking that you are a crap parent, and at worst spiraling into madness.
No one thinks its cute.
I also feel that it is totally understandable for a person to be a tad annoyed when they go to visit someone and said person's dog jumps on them and licks their face in excitement. Especially if the owner expects you to think that this behaviour is adorable.
So, please.
Silence your spawn.

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Owen said...

Is that guy in the picture singing Mississippi Hot Dog? Or is that Lex Luthor? :-)