Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Note on "Conscience" Laws

In response to this .
If you're a Muslim, don't work at a pig farm. If you're a Christian Scientist, don't work at a hospital. If you're Amish, don't work at the Sony factory.
Actually, it seems in most of the above situations, the said people would acknowledge that they are not fit for these jobs and so not consider them, kind of like most Silicon Valley guys accept that Olympic Marathon Runner is not a valid career choice for them.
Why then do Fundamentalist Christians want to work as Ob/Gyns or pharmacists? It seems like a greater percentage of them would want to sabotage their jobs than anything. We don't protect environmental terrorists who get jobs at factory farms. That would be stupid. Why the hell are we protecting fundamentalist Christians who choose to work as pharmacists that fill contraception prescriptions for everyone in a community? With the anti discrimination laws against creed (which I agree with), I don't think employers can ask a potential employee whether they'd fill a contraceptive prescription while hiring them. And now they can't fire them for not doing their job? If I was a right winger, and this crap was coming from the left I would be screaming "SOCIALISM!!!! ZOMG SOCIALISM!!!"*

*I don't think that REAL socialism, as opposed to the right wing definition of socialism, is a terrible thing. Rather, it wouldn't be a terrible thing if the US government didn't have such a penchant for wasting money on ideological wankery.

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