Monday, January 11, 2010

Tale of Two Cities Fanart Contest-ish

I've been searching google images for "Amateur Illustration "(AKA Fanart) for Tale of Two Cities in conjunction with my previous two posts on the subject of Professional Illustration from the novel. Guess what? I can only find a few things that aren't as a part of an English Assignment and aren't by ME.
That I can find gobs of hawt pictures of Sydney Losstarot but not of Sydney Carton makes me think that the English Lit Geek crowd has a lot of ground that they need to regain. So let's have it.
Send me your fanart for Tale of Two Cities by the end of February 2010 and I'll post it on my blog. The one I select as the winner gets an antique copy of Tale of Two Cities with pretty illustrations in it!
Here are some guidelines:

-No Ex-English Lit Assignments. You need to do this because you want to, not because you had to.
-Must be original. I'll know if you traced or eyeballed something else. My knowledge on this topic is encyclopaedic.
-No slash or shonen-ai. Please. For the love of all that is holy.
-Must be a picture of an event or character from Tale of Two Cities.
-Manga is discouraged. Unless you are crash hot at Manga style. I realize this is a bit of a jerky thing to do, but a) everyone draws manga and I'm kind of sick of the style in general and b) every fanart that isn't by me seems to be Manga.
Mail your pictures to
That's it. Happy Arting!


Gina said...

I've put the word out at C19 and my LiveJournal, as well as Dickensblog. I hope you get lots of entries!

Emmet of Arolis said...

I wish I were an artist. I'm not. Alas. I would love to tackle Two Cities.

Gina said...

Sent mine last night. Hope it arrived safely!