Monday, March 8, 2010

Tale of Two Cities Fanart Contest Results

Hello, hello! I've finally stopped being lazy and decided to upload the results of the fanart contest! I think we have PBS to thank for this...DAMN THEIR CONSTANT FUNDRAISING!

I would like to thank the winners and only entrants, Gina and AlbinoGrimby for swelling the very low count of Tale of Two Cities themed fanart out there.

Gina drew the close of the chapter Congratulatory in which Sydney Carton, having dined and drunk with Charles Darnay, and having in his drunkenness informed Darnay that he thinks that he hates him, Sydney has fallen asleep with his drink. The wax of the candle drips down upon his hair like a winding sheet--an illusion to a shroud.
Carton will waken in time to write Stryver's arguments for the next day's case--a dead-end occupation from which he prefers to escape into his frequent drunken stupors.
I think Gina captures this scene very well because of the simplicity of her drawing. She draws it at an angle where you can see his arms, and that captures the desperation in the scene.
Next, we have the two entries from AlbinoGrimby. One is an adaptation from the cover of the copy of the book that he has, and the other is a depiction of Lucie and Sydney.
He's done a really good job of depicting Lucie as a dreamy, pretty, golden-haired doll. I love his style that comes out in the way he portrays Lucie.

His Sydney, on the other so...boyish, and anime....and...androgynous...and kinda hawt. AND A TESTAMENT TO ALBINO'S INABILITY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!1

You guys are both legends! Thanks for entering. Drop me your address and tell me which one of the illustrations from the below posts that you liked--the only ones I'm not willing to part with is the one with the Richard Sharpe illustrations and the A A Dixon one since that one's kind of falling apart.

I also have a copy with photographs from The Only Way...they don't have Martin Harvey in them but the pic on the cover is nice!


Anonymous said...
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Gina said...

Aww, thank you so much for printing my little attempt! I'm honored!

I think the illustrator I like best is the one who drew Sydney supporting Dr. Manette in the Sept. 26 post.

Thank you again!

Gina said...

Oh, and congratulations to AlbinoGrimby, my fellow winner! Good job!

Glenn said...

Thanks Gina.

And Kea, I never follow directions! BAM!

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