Friday, June 8, 2007

Here Be Dragons

So I was mucking about on Arstechnica, trying to get up enough energy to play a video game. (Pretty sad when you're feeling too lazy to play with the playstation), and I ran across an article on the new Creation Museum in Kentucky. Apparently some former Australian Guy named Ken Ham decided that there average IQ in Australia was a bit too high for his particular brand of fundamentalist religion and came here with the intent of preaching the absolute truth of Genesis, and in order to build a 23 million dollar museum of history. Take that, you godless-feminist-lesbian-college-edumacated-scientists!
Anyway, I could go into how dumb the idea of dinosaurs and humans living together is, or how I'm insulted to even think that I came from Adam's rib, but that's been covered by millions of other bloggers, most more eloquent than I.
But I will say a few things on the religious side that I don't think have been said very succinctly:
1) It seems to me that there are two types of religious people in the world. People who have thought out morality and truth, and have come to the conclusion after much reflection that their religion is truthful. I have nothing but respect for these people. The other type are lazy people: these people accept religions teachings because they know nothing else, because everyone else is doing it, or because it offers them an easy answer to questions that are anything but simple and easy--it saves them the trouble of thinking. I feel that if you are religious you have to be very careful to know what you are accepting as truth, and to know why you are accepting it.
2) It seems a testament to the lack of reflection and self examination...or, to be blunt, FAITH on the part of fundamentalists that if one word of the bible is a metaphor or false or the product of the primitive beliefs of an early civilization, their whole belief system crumbles. Why are these people so eager to prove that Genesis is scientific? What would be so bad about it if it wasn't? Couldn't the early Hebrews still have been divinely inspired even if their archaic creation story is a myth?
3) Maybe my bible is a bit rusty, but a lot of crap that these guys come up with is never mentioned or alluded to in Genesis or the rest of the Old Testament. Noah putting dinosaurs on the ark? How Noah's family took care of all the animals? Dinosaurs being vegetarian? Cain's marriage to his sister being OK because there was less sin in the time of the Old Testament. Have these people even READ the Bible? The Old Testament is RIFE with sin! God spends most of the book totally pissed off at the Israelites and most of the things they do. And you can assume that if God is irked by his favourite children, his other kids are probably being super-naughty.
Anyway, out of my sympathy for the frustration God must be feeling over the stupidity of his flock, I offer the following awesome flash games:
Wrath II

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