Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BAMMM! My sinuses!

I feel like an automaton with a virus. The bugs (of the software variety, and not of the type that are currently pwning my immune system) just do not. stop. coming. That's what comes from working on a game with a hojillion expansion packs. You know that thing from the third expansion pack? Well it breaks your feature. You know that menu you added in the fourth expansion pack? Well, if you run your feature with that special option from expansion pack five, that menu doesn't show up. Gaaahhhh! It's like I fix twelve and get thirteen more! I'm bailing this canoe as fast as I can, eleven to twelve hours a day (and have been for at least two weeks now), and I can't WAIT until we get this thing out of the door and hopefully out of my hair.
To top it off, I now have the plague. Can't take the day off, because the bugs would pile up too high.
So here I am, snotty and irate.
On a happier topic, here's my list of most epic awesome songs EVAR.
(This has been at least two years in the making. Most of these songs just hit the event horizon of stupid and slingshot off into the dimension of WIN)
-My Console - Eiffel 65
A song about how much this guy likes to play video games. In all seriousness. "We're going to play the game! The playstation! All DAY!" Vid brought to you by some kids who need more homework.
-Future Fail - Frontline Assembly
Now here's a song for pwning newbs. Probably the pinnacle of Bill Leeb's career. Close second: Columbian Necktie by Frontline Assembly. Sadly I couldn't find a vid of this one. There's a short clip of it while some guy is playing WoW. This song was MADE for WoW.
-Birthday Cake - Cibo Matto
About a crazy Japanese mother making a birthday cake for her son and his wife.
-Gheib Anni Gheib - Nawal El Zoghby
Disco hits Lebanon. The album cover has the usual sultry looking middle eastern woman wearing clothing that would be haram in the street, but Nawal's wearing a COWBOY HAT, too. The video is for a different song by her.
- Cream and Bastards Rise - Harvey Danger
I used to think this was a song about my job. Apparently I was wrong. Or maybe I've just become a bastard.
-Tragedy for You - Front 242
A sweet love song from half the genius that brought you "Future Fail."
- Existence - Project Pitchfork.
Ah. One of my favourite purveyors of disgruntlement. Listen to the lyrics. This song is extremely touching and poignant, or at least it would be if the vocal processing didn't make the singer sound like a bulimic vulture. Also check out Renascence, my favourite soundtrack to being pissed off.
-Stick it Out - Frank Zappa
Best song ever about having sex with a robot. The source of every bit of German that I know....that is, the bits that didn't come from Rammstein.
- Doctorin' the Tardis - Timelords/KLF
Nope. Haven't decided whether this song embarrasses the hell out of me or is just guilty fun. Rides the same short-bus as "My Console", but sits closer to the front so the driver can keep an eye on it. Actually was the subject of a book by the authors on how you can make a #1 hit with no talent.

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