Thursday, July 3, 2008

I has Friends! (ZOMG DALEX!!!1)

So the other day, my usual lunch companions and general cohorts in mischief decided to do Chipotle for lunch. After I had a basketfull of tacos in my hands, I realized that we were going somewhere else to eat. No one told ME about this! I got in the car with a bagfull of tacos in my hands and was a bit baffled when we pulled up to an apartment complex that one of my other friends lived at.
"Hey," V lives here. Do you live here, too, B?"
"No, but I want to"
Apparently, B was going to go get a brochure for the apartment. And apparently, we were going to take our tacos, too. Maybe we were having a picnic in a park near the apartment complex? I was starting to think something might be up. Definitely knew something was afoot when V came out and handed me a blindfold to put on.
I was lead into an apartment and finally told I could take my blindfold off....I was staring into the barrel eggbeater and a plunger?
The following is a record of the creation of the surprise birthday party which ensued! Thanks guys! There are no better friends than the ones who will make cupcakes that look like Daleks for a friend's birthday!
(and if you want a dalek cupcake, too, I'm sure they'd be happy to share their secrets!)

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Kiyoshi said...

Awesome! I wish I could've been there. (I was away at a geeky con)