Friday, August 7, 2009

EA Marketing Does Ethically Reprehensible Things....Again.

Dante's Inferno & the Sexist Marketing Campaign
This bullshit floored me. OMG. How did someone NOT catch that this was crazy sexist, offensive, and nearly criminal before it got out the door? Before it got anywhere near the door? When it got sent out as a marketing email? What is HR doing? Smoking? Probably defending the company's SUV sport-star schmoozemobile from punk employees who write "wash me" in the dust on the window. Perhaps they need to refocus their efforts. The funny thing is that heads are probably going to roll over this, but probably would have gotten kudos for great work had there not been an outcry. Only a sin if you get caught. You know?
I'm now convinced that Ethical Dubiousness is the rule, not the exception for marketing everywhere, and that I was naive to think otherwise.
Brass Knuckles Against the Law (EA)
Way to Offend the Christians (EA)
Blogger Previews (EA)
And the Non-EA example I stumbled upon:
Wyeth Pays for Ghostwriting in Medical Journals

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