Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is this feeling in my cold, dead heart?

Could it be President Obama Speechifying?
The last few weeks have made me a cynic. I can't turn on the radio, tv, or look at the internet without reading yet one more story of rampant incompetence and flaming dumbassosity.
( Way to think that's mis-spelled, OSX! You know why? It's because I MADE IT UP! Right click, add to Dictionary. Dumbassosity.) \
From the "just phone it in" attitude of the clemency panel for Texas' death row inmates (Which is vying for a place in the "banality of evil" hall of fame.) to the r-tard who called into KGO Talk Radio to explain that he didn't let his kid listen to the Obama Speech to schoolkids because "encouraging them to go to college gives them false hope when there's no guarantee of success if you have a degree", to the scores of even bigger idiots who didn't let their kids listen and forced their schools to hand out a GODDAMNED WAVER so that parents could give their permission to hear THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES speak (Because, you know, he's a Commie and a Nazi, and fuck it, let's just be honest, he's the Antichrist) , It's raining fools!
Anyway, listening to the speech was like a little ray of sunshine piercing through my cynicism. Yes, this country can produce powerful people who are not complete morons. Warm fuzzy feelings. His words were like a knife cutting through bullshit.
He also said something that made me a little weak in the knees, and that is that he'd listen to well-thought-out ideas no matter where they came from...the door is open.
So there's a challenge for the republicans. Come up with a workable plan. Don't just complain that no one is listening to you, because the intelligent public IS listening, and we aren't hearing anything other than bitching and moaning.
Come up with a workable plan, and you have a seat at the table. It's no guarantee you'll win the debate. If you lose, you need to prove you can take it like gentlemen...not toddlers. And you need to prove you can compromise. Do you see what a mess California is? It's because none of the reps on either side will budge on anything. Any debate is reduced to meaningless catchphrases.

"2 teach is 2 touch a life 4evar: GO UNIONS!", "No new taxes", "Save the trees!", "Everything can be solved with a tax cut!!!!", "Not in my backyard!" , "COMMIE!" , "Asshole!", "Hippie", "corporate shill!", "Nazi!","Think of the children!" , "babykillers!"

At this point, one of the parties lays down on the floor and starts screaming and pounding their fists, and that's one more day that went by where we didn't have a damn state budget... but I digress.
This country needs healthcare reform, and if you don't think so, you're a tool and people were wrong to elect you because you certainly aren't doing your job to represent them. If you don't have anything to bring to the table, shut the hell up. No one wants to have dinner with a whiner. If you do, those of us who want our future to be hinged on something other than gut feelings will pay attention.

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